Thursday, May 18, 2017

End of the Year!

I apologize for not posting sooner. It has been very busy in our classroom the last few weeks! SAGE went very well and all of the students made it through the state exam. Thank you for encouraging them to try their best. Those results are very beneficial for future instruction, and they also paint a fairly accurate picture of how the students are responding to our curriculum. 

Upcoming dates and events:

Friday- We will be having a Pizza and Movie party starting at 11:45. The movie being shown in the classroom is called "Return to Nim's Island". It is a Family/Adventure movie and it is RATED PG. It is the sequel to the book that we read at the beginning of the school year, and I believe the kids are very excited to see it. 
****The movie is RATED PG. If anyone does not want their child to watch this production, please e-mail me or call me as soon as possible. I can have them join another class instead. I have watched the video myself and can attest that there is NO vulgar language, violence or inappropriate humor. 

Monday- Field Trip to Ogden Nature Center
The bus will be leaving at 10:45, so please have any tardy students here by that time. If you are a chaperone, then you may have lunch with us in the classroom at 10:15. I am hoping to have extra lunches provided for the chaperones. You may want to bring a small snack in case that doesn't work out. 
Chaperones: Stacey Peterson, Valerie Sluis, Cassandra Gabaldon, Mrs. Ornelas, & Mrs. Guzman

Any other parents are welcome to meet us at Ogden Nature Center, but please be prepared to pay to get in, if you are not a chaperone. I remember the cost being close to $11. Also, Ogden Nature Center requests that you please leave other children or siblings at home or with a sitter. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Feast of Words On a Planet Called Earth...and Beyond

We wrapped up our Unit 4 on the Preamble and the Presidents. We are now turning our attention to a more creative portion of the curriculum, Unit 5: A Feast of Words on a Planet Called Earth...and Beyond.

During this unit, the students will explore various structural components of literature, including paragraphs or chapters in a book, lines in a drama, and stanzas in a poem. We will also explore syllables, and how an understanding of open and closed syllables can allow us to sound out more challenging multi-syllabic words. In Math, we will continue to use learning tools to build a foundation of fractions. We will be switching over from Social Studies to Science for some time. In this subject we will explore concepts of gravity, and the other planets and celestial bodies in our local solar system. In Writing, we will explore persuasive (opinion) writing.

The students have been working incredibly hard, and I thank them for that. Keep up the great work and continue to check back for updates regarding the upcoming SAGE exam.

Email me for any questions at any time!


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Literacy Night!

Literacy Night is this week on Thursday! The program in the gymnasium will be relatively short and will begin promptly at 6:00 pm. We will then move into individual classrooms for a short review of reading strategies and student work. Please bring your kiddos 15 minutes early to be on time for the performance. PLEASE BRING KIDDOS TO THEIR CLASSROOM NO LATER THAN 5:45 p.m. If you are late, feel free to send them up on stage or with their class. Dress is a nice casual. The students are not required to wear their uniforms, but I would like them to look sharp.Thank you for all you do! I look forward to seeing everyone there. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome back!

Hopefully, everyone had a safe and fun holiday break! The students and staff will be coming back to school on Wednesday of this week. We have a productive and really fun month planned ahead. We will also be finishing Unit 3.

Attendance over the next few weeks will be crucial as we begin our mid-year assessments. I will be listening to the kids read out loud individually and in a small group setting. We will determine if they have met the goals they set at the middle of the year. If they have not met those goals, then we will evaluate what we've been doing and make necessary adjustments to our learning plans.

The students will be assessed on reading fluency, accuracy, and their ability to retell the facts or information they've just read. Have your kids read out loud on RAZ Kids as much as possible this week.

Also- I reminded the students to read over break and track their minutes in their planners. If they have read, please be sure to sign them off. Students with at least 200 minutes signed off will have lunch with me in the classroom on Friday of this week.

Friday is also a minimum day, so dismissal will be at 12:45.

I miss my students and can't wait to see them!!!

Mr. Hutchings

One more note:

I wanted to thank Livie Phillips out loud for doing a fantastic job as the Eagle Leader in Room 115. She will pass the torch on to Trinity Norman, who has shown the hard work and devotion necessary to taking on such a position!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hello parents and students!

Can you believe that it's already this time of the year?! The students have been working very hard and I am seeing some fantastic results in the classroom. We are shifting gears: Our new unit is titled Creative, Inventive and Notable People. Our focus will be on informational reading and informational writing. The students have already chosen a "Notable Person" to read about by selecting a biography this week. They will read the biography and identify specific details and examples of what makes that person creative, inventive or notable. As they read through the biography ask your children what they are learning about their selected person. I encourage discussion and conversation about these books. It is my hope that the students will be able to present what they have learned at Literacy Night. Thank you for all you do at home and be sure to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!


DIBELS TESTING for reading will happen shortly after the holiday break. PLEASE have your kiddos reading out loud at least 20 minutes each night so we can see that progression. I strongly suggest RAZ KIDS because it is at their level.

3rd Grade Literacy Night- Thursday, December 8 @ 6:00 PM
Please have your kiddos in my classroom no later than 5:45. They may dress in something formal or their uniform. They may wear a Santa hat or Reindeer antlers.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Students and parents:

We are finishing up our 2nd Unit of Inspired by the Sea. Next week, we will begin Unit 3, which is titled Creative, Inventive & Notable People. 

This week we will complete our 2nd Unit tests in both Math and Language Arts. Please have your kiddos practice their multiplication/division facts. At this point in the school year they should be able to skip-count by 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's & 10's. The test will also cover units of measurement. We will be completing a review packet today and tomorrow, so please look for that in their gray homework folders. I encourage everyone to go over that review packet before the test on Thursday.

There won't be a review packet for this L.A. test as it assesses their reading comprehension. There are also no spelling words this week. There will not be any math homework that is due either. I would prefer that the students practice their multiplication and division facts instead.

Thank you for all that you do at home! Contact me if you have any questions.